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The Real Estate Market In Canada

Considerations Before Looking Into The Real Estate MarketTweet Loading Also make sure that you have a home properly inspected when you are considering buying it. A home inspector may be able to discover any potential problems with a home that would have otherwise gone unnoticed.It is always a good idea to enlist the help of a professional. And in the… Read more →

Commission Structures In Direct Violation Of The Competition Act

Are Realtor ® Commission Structures In Direct Violation Of The Competition Act?Tweet Loading North America, more specifically Canada affords the public a free market.One of the key features of a free market system is the consumer’s “freedom of choice.”A free market is the opposite of a controlled market, where the government regulates prices or how property is used. The concept… Read more →

Toronto Real Estate Income Properties

Ever consider renting out your Toronto real estate? Maybe you have a spare bedroom, basement or whole home that was bought as an investment property and some extra income would certainly help with paying off the mortgage. There are more laws in place in Ontario to protect tenants than landlords. In the case of a renter having problems with large… Read more →

Canada Real Estate: Real estate news and info

Farmland in southern Ontario Kent-Chatham region will continue to be a scorching commodity, according to the RE/MAX Town Report 2014, released Thursday, that best parts 20 outlying towns throughout Canada. In line with the record, Kent region farm land will be fetching one of many best costs inside Ontario. Your record expresses excellent garden soil high quality features boosted costs… Read more →

Installing a New Roof

The first and most fundamental question to ask yourself after you have purchased a new roof is whether you can install the roof by yourself. Installing a new roof can be a very demanding task since there are several areas within the house that require special attention when installing the roof like the chimney area. If you feel that you… Read more →