Installing a New Roof

The first and most fundamental question to ask yourself after you have purchased a new roof is whether you can install the roof by yourself. Installing a new roof can be a very demanding task since there are several areas within the house that require special attention when installing the roof like the chimney area.

If you feel that you can do it yourself, get a ladder and climb to the top of the roof to test whether you can maneuver comfortably on the roof. Also carry some loads with mass almost equivalent to that of the roofing materials to the top of the house to see whether you will need assistance carrying the material.

The second important factor to consider is the roofing time. This is very important as it will determine the success of the installation. The best time should be summer. The roof material will also determine the best time to install the roof. This is because different temperatures and different weather condition impact differently on different roofing material.

Below are steps that you should follow when installing your new roof:


  1. Get an understanding of the local building codes in regards to roofing so that you use the right materials and put up the required numbers of layers.


  1. After that get a building permit from the local government agency.


  1. Once the permit has been obtained, you can proceed with getting the right shingles. The choice for shingles will largely depend on the climate and roof styles. Examples of shingles include: asphalt, slate, laminated and wood shingle.


  1. After you have chosen the shingle material that best suits your house, proceed to determining how many of these shingle you will need to completely roof the house.


  1. Prepare the roof by obtaining all the necessary safety materials on site, remove all the old roofs if you are re-roofing. In this stage, you should also install ice and water barrier that will be acting as the temporary weather barrier.


  1. Once the roof is clean, you can start nailing the measured shingles on the flashing. On the side of the chimney, cut the shingles into pieces that will circle the chimney without leaving any spaces that will create leaks.


You should take caution when installing the roof since a small opening left on the roof would end causing you to replace the whole roof. Whenever you find difficulty when installing the roof, seek advice from A. Clark Roofing and Siding Calgary who are more equipped with the job.