Prudential Real Estate Barrie

With the offensive of April realtor began to speak about a fast and sharp increase in the prices.

Prudential Real Estate Barrie, these forecasts appear with the certain periodicity since the beginning of the bank crisis, which occurred last summer. And realtor, and regional officials are interested in an increase in the prices; however, since April 1 they have the rational foundation for expecting of him. Entered from this date the force law about the longitudinal building, speak experts, can freeze the realization of apartments in 50-60 percent of new constructions.

However, most likely, these numbers are strongly overstated. In the first week of April the mean price of square meter in Barrie actually rose, true, not very considerably – to 4 dollars or 0,2%, after being 1840 dollars. Nevertheless, even this weak motion of prices is hardly obliged by its appearance to law about the longitudinal building. As testifies the statistics of news agency “indicators of the market for real estate”, a insignificant increase in the prices was renewed from the end of the winter. Prudential Real Estate Barrie

The most noticeable symptom of the begun increase in the prices is traditional for Barrie: the segment of standard panel dwelling began to pass expensive dwelling on the rates of increase. If in the course of several previous months precisely an increase in the prices of the expensive dwelling contributed to a insignificant increase in the [obshcherynochnogo] value index, then an increase in the prices of all types of panel dwelling occurs more for a period of several recent weeks. Actually an increase in the price of square meter in all forms of dwelling comprises less than 1 percent per month. Prudential Real Estate Barrie This is substantially less than the forecast of some specialists, who promised, that “an increase in the prices will pass without the sharp jumps and it will compose 1-1,5% per month”. True, this forecast did not consider the new risks, connected with the coming into force of law about the longitudinal building.

As they speak in the corporation, until the mechanisms of the action of this law are clear and there is no clear understanding as and who will monitor its performance; therefore as a whole situation sufficiently problematically forecast. Basic problems can arise only in small construction firms. Important housebuilders, who have available the heavy stock of administrative and cadre resources, new law will only help to regulate market into its benefit. Nevertheless, the specialists of corporation expect that at first it is possible to expect the decrease of the number of qualitative proposals in the segment of new constructions both in Barrie and in Barrie region. The fact is that law about the longitudinal building actually overlapped to housebuilders access to 80% of financial resources, which they obtained from the buyers – the physical persons and they directed to the erection of new objects.